Functional Capacity Evaluations Edmonton

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Functional Capacity Evaluations Edmonton

At Eastwood Physiotherapy, we provide comprehensive, reliable, and scientifically-validated Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) aimed at objectively assessing an individual’s physical capabilities relative to the physical demands of their work, leisure activities, or daily life. This crucial service guides our multidisciplinary team to design personalized treatment plans that align with our patient’s functional needs and recovery goals.

What is Functional Capacity Evaluation?

Functional Capacity Evaluation, also referred to as Physical Capacity Evaluation or Work Capacity Evaluation, is a set of systematic, objective tests that determine an individual’s physical abilities. The evaluation spans various functional and positional tolerances, including but not limited to lifting capacity, carry capacity, push and pull power, sitting and standing tolerance, mobility, dexterity, flexibility, and endurance. The purpose is to outline a definitive profile of the individual’s physical functionality and subsequently match it to the physical demands of a specific job, activity or lifestyle.

Importance of Functional Capacity Evaluation

At Eastwood Physiotherapy, our detailed FCE allows us to create an accurate and comprehensive image of a patient’s functional abilities and limitations. It plays an essential role in multiple scenarios, including but not limited to

The Functional Capacity Evaluation Process at Eastwood Physiotherapy

The FCE process at Eastwood Physiotherapy begins with an initial consultation to understand the patient's current physical condition, previous medical history, and specific needs. Our team of skilled physiotherapists will then conduct the evaluation, which includes various physical tests, observations, and questionnaires, to determine the patient's functional abilities. The examination process is extensive and thorough, ensuring an accurate and comprehensive profile of the patient's physical status.

Areas Assessed in Functional Capacity Evaluation

Our FCE procedure comprises an extensive array of physical assessments that include but are not limited to:

  1. Strength Testing: This evaluation assesses the power of various muscle groups. You may be asked to perform a series of tasks involving lifting (from floor to waist, waist to shoulder, overhead), carrying objects of different weights and sizes, and applying force to push or pull objects. These activities test your functional strength and muscle endurance.
  2. Mobility and Balance: These tests examine your ability to move with control and stability. They might involve walking at various speeds, stepping over or onto objects, climbing stairs, or maintaining balance while standing on one foot. Your agility, coordination, and gait may also be examined during these tasks.
  3. Flexibility and Range of Motion (ROM): These tests determine how well your joints move. You could be asked to bend your knees, flex and extend your elbows, or perform similar tasks to evaluate the flexibility and ROM in your neck, back, arms, and legs. Sometimes, we might use tools like goniometers to measure joint angles precisely.
  4. Positional Tolerance: These assessments examine your ability to hold different positions. You might be asked to reach above your head, bend to touch your toes, kneel, squat, or hold a sitting or standing position for a specified time. This helps us understand how well your body tolerates different postures.
  5. Endurance: These tests measure your stamina. You could be asked to walk or cycle on a treadmill for a set time or perform repetitive tasks like lifting or carrying objects, allowing us to evaluate your ability to sustain physical activities over time.
  6. Hand Dexterity: These assessments determine your hand and finger skills. You might be asked to manipulate small objects, use tools, or perform tasks that require precision, like buttoning a shirt or tying shoelaces. These activities help us gauge your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Guidelines for Functional Capacity Evaluation

If you are scheduled for a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), remember these essential guidelines to ensure the session runs smoothly and the results are accurate. These guidelines may include:
Remember, the goal of an FCE is to understand your functional limitations and work capacities. It is not a test you pass or fail but rather a tool to help guide your treatment and recovery process.

Choose Eastwood Physiotherapy for Your Functional Capacity Evaluation

The Functional Capacity Evaluation is a crucial tool in understanding and assessing an individual’s physical capabilities. At Eastwood Physiotherapy, we are committed to performing thorough and accurate evaluations, equipping you or your employer with the knowledge to make informed decisions that impact health, rehabilitation, and occupational opportunities.

The journey to full physical function can often be challenging, but with our dedicated team of professional physiotherapists, we make that journey less daunting and more manageable. Partner with us today and let us guide you towards optimal physical function, performance, and well-being. Book your Functional Capacity Evaluation with us today!