Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) Edmonton

Aid Muscle Pain With Intra Muscular Stimulation

Eastwood Physiotherapy Clinic Provides Intramuscular Stimulation Edmonton to provide a cure for muscle pain and release tight muscle bands to aid pain relief. Awe have registered physiotherapists to do the IMS procedure.

IMS is a needling technique that helps to reduce adverse tone in tight muscle bands or trigger points that contribute to pain and dysfunction. By targeting localized areas of tightness with the needle insertion a reflex relaxation is produced in the muscle. This helps to relieve pressure on tender joint structures and in the muscles themselves which in turn influences pain and inflammation produced by the adverse tightness.

The points are chosen by the certified therapist by conducting a neuropathic assessment. It is a dry needling treatment, meaning that nothing is injected. The needles used are similar to those of acupuncture. The average number of sessions required to create a sustained benefit is 7 to 8 sessions at a frequency of once a week. 

Intramuscular Stimulation In Edmonton Treatment

We also provide:

  1. Therapeutic Massage therapy.
  2. Active Release Therapy {ART}
  3. Occupational therapy
    Manual Therapy & Myofascial Release. {MFR}
  4. Spinal Manipulations.
  5. Intra Muscular Stimulation [ IMS]

If you are in Edmonton, With intramuscular Stimulation, you can fight off muscle pain and lead a peaceful life.