Custom Orthotics for Children: Addressing Foot Problems Early On

Custom Orthotics for Children

Custom Orthotics for Children: Addressing Foot Problems Early On

Addressing foot problems in children early on is essential for ensuring proper development and avoiding complications later in life. Custom foot orthotics in Edmonton provide a targeted approach to treating various pediatric issues in young patients. These specially designed devices are tailored to support and correct the unique structure of each child’s foot, promoting better alignment and function.

Orthotics for kids can be pivotal in managing conditions such as flat feet, excessive pronation, or gait abnormalities. Parents can help their children avoid discomfort and develop more naturally aligned walking patterns by implementing custom orthotics early. With the right foot orthotics, children can experience improved posture, enhanced comfort, and a greater ability to engage in physical activities without feeling any discomfort or limitation.

Why Consider Custom Orthotics for Your Child?

As caregivers, ensuring that our children’s physical development supports their energetic lifestyles is essential. At Eastwood Physiotherapy, we understand the crucial role that foot health plays in a child’s overall development and mobility. Here are detailed reasons why custom orthotics might be a beneficial investment for your child:

Correcting Foot Abnormalities

Children can exhibit a range of foot abnormalities that affect their ability to walk, run, or play comfortably. Common conditions include excessive in-toeing or severe out-toeing, which impact comfort and overall posture and gait. Custom orthotics are tailored to address these issues, providing support or correction. By realigning their feet, orthotics help children move more naturally and without discomfort, enhancing their ability to engage in daily activities.

Cerebral Palsy

Children with cerebral palsy often experience muscle tightness, spasms, and coordination difficulties that can significantly affect their gait and posture. Our custom orthotics are designed to provide the necessary support and alignment, helping to distribute weight evenly and improve stability. This support is crucial for mobility and reducing the discomfort that can come from uneven gait patterns.

Down Syndrome

Children with Down Syndrome may have low muscle tone and joint hyperflexibility, which can lead to flat feet and other structural foot anomalies. Orthotics plays an important role in supporting the foot’s arch and enhancing muscle function and coordination during movement, thus improving balance and walking ability.


Though often treated through surgical and non-surgical methods early in life, some children with residual effects of clubfoot can benefit from custom orthotics. These devices can help correct abnormal walking patterns and provide support where the foot structure may not be fully normalized.

Enhancing Comfort and Function

Foot discomfort can significantly deter children from participating in physical activities essential for their health and social development. Custom orthotics offer a tailored support system that enhances foot comfort by distributing pressure evenly across the foot, supporting natural movement, and cushioning against impact. This targeted support encourages children to engage more actively and confidently in play and sports.

Preventing Future Problems

Early intervention with custom orthotics can prevent the progression of minor issues into more significant biomechanical problems. Misalignments or untreated foot conditions during childhood can lead to more complex problems in the future, such as chronic knee pain, hip imbalances, and back problems. By addressing these issues early on with the right support, custom orthotics can contribute to healthier development and potentially reduce the need for more invasive treatments later in life.

How Do Custom Orthotics Work?

Custom orthotics at Eastwood Physiotherapy are more than just shoe inserts; they are precision devices tailored to be an apt fit for the specific contours of your child’s feet, created through a meticulous process:

Detailed Assessment

Our experienced therapists begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s foot structure, gait, and overall posture. This may include dynamic assessments like walking or running analysis to closely observe how your child’s feet move in various activities. Understanding these dynamics is important for structuring effective orthotics.

Precision Crafting

Based on the detailed assessment, we precisely mould your child’s feet. This mould ensures that our custom foot orthotics in Edmonton conform perfectly to their foot shape, providing targeted support exactly where needed. This bespoke approach sets our orthotics apart from generic, over-the-counter options, which lack this level of customization and effectiveness.

Fitting and Adjustments

Once the custom orthotics are crafted, a fitting session ensures they fit seamlessly within your child’s preferred footwear. We make any necessary adjustments to maximize comfort and functionality, ensuring the orthotics perform as intended.

Integration into Daily Life

At Eastwood Physiotherapy, we understand that incorporating custom foot orthotics into your child’s daily routine is a gradual and delicate process.

Gradual Introduction

First, we recommend that your child wear orthotics for a few hours daily. This initial phase allows their body to adjust to the orthotics in a controlled manner, reducing the risk of discomfort or resistance to the new support system. Depending on how your child responds, we gradually increase the duration of wear. This might mean adding an hour daily, closely monitoring their comfort and the orthotics’ impact on their activities.

Monitoring and Adjustments

As children are constantly growing and their daily activities can exert varying degrees of stress on their feet, regular checks of the orthotics are crucial. Our therapists ensure that these orthotics continue to fit and function effectively, especially during periods of rapid growth. Adjustments are made as needed, whether resizing the orthotics or altering their cushioning and support features.

Healthy Foundation for Your Child with Custom Orthotics

Ensuring your child’s foot health is crucial for their overall development and daily comfort. At Eastwood Physiotherapy, we offer custom foot orthotics, providing personalized solutions that cater to growing children’s needs. Our custom orthotics are designed to alleviate immediate discomfort and prevent future foot problems by promoting correct alignment and balance.

With our expertise in orthotics for kids, we are committed to crafting the perfect fit that helps correct foot abnormalities and supports healthy growth.

Contact Eastwood Physiotherapy today to learn more about our custom foot orthotics in Edmonton and how they can benefit your child.

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