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Neurological Services Edmonton

What do we offer in Eastwood?

Our clinic offers Neurological services in Edmonton. Eastwood Physiotherapy Clinic was founded on the treatment of adult and pediatric brain injuries, post-concussive syndrome, stroke, spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological conditions. Our therapists have skills and techniques and approach their treatment plans with evidence-based, peer-reviewed research. Our neurological physiotherapists who have postgraduate certifications in neurorehabilitation invest their own money in attending many courses and seminars in order to learn and refine their skills. We also provide Bioness FES services for gait and upper limb training, Graded imagery training for Neuro patients.

Neurological Conditions

The effects of neurological services have been shown to cure:

Multiple Sclerosis [MS]
MS Post liberation[ CCSVI] treatment reconditioning program
Brain injury – Traumatic & Non traumatic
Cerebral ataxia
Transverse myelitis
Spinal cord injury
Peripheral neuropathy
Trigeminal neuralgia
Post tumour removal neurological insult (central & peripheral)
Foot drop due to central origin – Bioness L300 &Walkaide fitting and retraining
Paralytic/spastic hand Rehab with Bioness H200. ( www.bioness.com)
Traumatic peripheral nerve injuries with Functional electrical stimulation
Parkinson’s disease
Wilson’s disease
Cerebral plasy
Developmental disorders
Undiagnosed balance and gait issues
Neurological hand functions deficit


Our Neurological service in Edmonton can provide solutions for all the above-mentioned conditions.

Neurological Services Edmonton | Eastwood® Physiotherapy

If you have such conditions, we can help you at our clinic

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